Native Spinach Frittata
International compost awareness week next week

Mushrooms and a Blue Tongue

I had a lovely delivery this week.


Daddy Eco picked up a load of mushroom compost from the Gromore Mushroom farm in Singleton (NSW). They sell their used mushroom compost to the public on Thursday Mornings. At only $2 a bag it’s a bargain.


Inspired yet again by Darren of Green Change I put a few of the bags under the house and will harvest some mushrooms prior to using it as compost. Can’t wait! Anyone have any good mushroom recipes? I’m keen to make pickled mushrooms.


Yesterday was such a lovely day. Not only did I get to play with mushroom compost, I also had the pleasure of meeting Julie of Towards Sustainability (and her lovely three girls) and Nicola - a local artist who’s home left me inspired. We had a wonderful catch-up in a local park. Little Eco had so much fun she slept for hours in the afternoon, leaving me a few rare, peaceful and productive hours in the garden.


When pottering around I discovered that our resident Blue Tongue Lizard  has had a baby. No wonder I have no problems with snails! Check out this site if you would like to encourage Blue Tongues or other lizards into your backyard.