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November 2009

Ahh, the benefits of passive design... The temperature reached 33 degrees Celsius today (and its only Spring!). I was dreading being stuck at home, rather than being at work in an air conditioned office. But it wasn’t that bad. We closed the windows, drew our heavy curtains, turned the ceiling fans on, and were thankful for the insulated walls and ceiling, and north facing veranda that shades the windows from the sun. As soon as it cooled slightly outside, we opened the house up again and the breeze which is maximised by good cross-ventilation, cooled the house quickly. I love... Read more →

While looking for a second-hand storage solution for Little eco's toys, I temporarily used a few vintage suitcases we had picked up from a garage sale. This temporary solution has now turned into a permanent solution. I love it. Little eco knows what is in each suitcase (from top to bottom: dolls clothes, dress-ups, soft toys) and drags the case she wants, to wherever she wants to play. I'm now on the look-out for more vintage suitcases for my sewing room. Read more →

This is my favorite homemade moisturising body bar recipe. Its super easy. Little eco and I whipped up a batch this morning after breakfast. We also made a batch of Julie's honey facial cleanser which has become a favorite around here. Moisturising body bar recipe 1 part bees wax 1 part coconut oil 1 part shea butter a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil (I used lavender this morning) Throw all the ingredients in a pot, melt, and then pour into molds. I use silicone cup cake cases, but you could use anything as long as you cooled... Read more →