It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ~ No spend update Day 3
Scraps ~ No spend update day 9

I went dumpster diving (sort of) ~ No spend update – Day 5

Regular readers will recall me being intrigued by dumpster diving. I still hadn’t found the courage to give it a go, when an opportunity arose this week. I walked past the bin in the tearoom at work and saw two bananas and two apples! I initially thought ‘what a waste - they should be composted’ – but then I realised they looked almost edible…I checked…no one was looking…so I grabbed them. They were perfectly edible! So I snuck them into my lunch box. The bananas were just a little brown and the apples had only slightly wrinkled skin. The bananas were peeled and used in a batch of biscuits and the apples were washed, peeled, chopped and made into stewed apples.



This little teaser gave me the courage to try some serious dumpster diving. So on the way home from a girls night last night (i'll reveal more about our no-spend girls night out another day).....Heather, one of my Playdates for the Planet partners in crime) agreed to join me in some dumpster diving. We excitedly jumped out at a nearby fruit shop. The first dumpster had nothing but cardboard, so we squeezed through the fence while reassuring ourselves that if the cops caught us they surely wouldn't arrest us for trespassing cause it was all in the name of research. I opened their main dumpster - again nothing but cardboard boxes! (can't cardboard boxes be recycled?). We then headed over to a nearby supermarket. We found more than cardboard....but it was all bagged and it was impossible to tell what was in each without breaking the bag a little.


I peeked into a few and most contained empty milk bottles (I know they can be recycled! So what are they doing bagged and in the bin?!). They must tip the milk down the drain before dumping the bottles. It's a shame they order more milk than they can sell. Supermarkets apparently deliberately overstock because they believe we like to see full shelves. Full shelves give the impression of infinite abundance.

I'll save the last word for Heather (taken from an email she sent me today).

p.s dumpster diving was fun, despite coming away empty handed..... When I got home I crawled into bed, snuggled up to dave and said 'I've been dumpster diving' to which he mumbles 'get your dirty hands off me', hehe.