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Exploring our outdoors: An urban adventure

Participating in the Outdoors Challenge last month was an eye-opener for me. I realised how little time we spend outdoors, particularly on work days. I also became aware of how little unstructured outdoor free-time Little Eco has. Time to imagine. Time to explore.

Like many urban backyards, ours is small and not very interesting. We're making changes to make our backyard a better play space and I'm dreaming of a natural playground. I've also decided we need to make better use of local parks and green spaces. Now that I'm working more days of the week than not, I want to ensure that we have fun on work days. So i've set myself a little challenge adventure.


I've photocopied two pages from our street directory and highlighted all the parks and green spaces. There's 24 of them. Coincidently when I did this highlighting, there were 24 days remaining in May. So i'm planning to take Little Eco to every one of these 24 places during the month of May. So far we've visited...

Avon Street, Mayfield

IMG_4709Webb Park, Mayfield

IMG_5272Waratah Park, Waratah

IMG_5307Sadly, this is the state of our local creek running through Waratah Park. Engineered to death.

The parks so far haven't exactly been what you would call 'natural', although we've still managed to find little bits of nature.

Thankfully Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes is continuing the outdoor challenge, with Outdoor Challenge Mondays.