Dob in a tosser
'Just not in my backyard'

My creative space ~ Felting and flu ~

There's been a lot of felting old jumpers around here recently. After falling in love with the felted wool oven mitts Daddy Eco made me, I decided a woolen bed spread from old recycled jumpers would be lovely. Inspired by the gorgeous keepsake blanket in The Sweater Chop Shop by Crispina Ffrench, I'm making one in various shades of natural and earthy tones. Maybe i'll have it ready by next winter?

Unfortunately, today my creative space is restricted to the kitchen bench. I've finally succumbed to a flu that has been making its way around the office, but i'm determined to fight it with rest and fluids. I've been drinking green smoothies and lemon, ginger and honey tea. I even tried putting garlic in my tea...I don't think i'll be doing that again.


Do you know any good immune boosting natural remedies? Hints gladly received.

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