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Did you read the Choose your Own Adventure books when growing up? I did and loved them. They've given me an idea.... I always have a pile of draft blog posts waiting to see the light of day. I often struggle to decide which post to write next. So I was thinking you could help me, by choosing your own {eco} adventure. Below is a list of titles for some of the draft blog posts waiting to be shared. Which one would would you like to read next? I'd love you to leave a comment and tell me. So go... Read more →

I made a pair of slippers for Daddy Eco from felted wool recycled from old jumpers (or sweaters for those of you from the US). They didn't turn out quiet like I had planned. I was aiming for something like these super cute mens slippers. I used this easy tutorial, but I struggled with making the pattern. The first time he tried them on they just fell off his foot when he walked. I so wish i'd taken a photo. They were huge. I resized them maybe ten times and after hours of frustration they finally fit. Although they look... Read more →

After yesterday's mushroom recipe post, I was browsing through my previous posts about our mushroom growing efforts, and realised I haven't really provided much helpful information about HOW to actually grow and harvest them. So I thought i'd summarise what I've learnt for those of you interested in growing your own. As i've mentioned, we grow our's in mushroom compost from a mushroom farm. The farm gets rid of the bags once the've passed peak production and sells the compost for garden use. When collecting the bags from the farm, it's probably best you don't reveal that you plan to... Read more →

Our recent batch of homegrown* mushrooms finished a few weeks ago. I'm missing mushrooms so much! We were harvesting a bowl like the above around twice a week - and having no problem eating them all ourselves. Mushroom rissoles and mushroom soup became regular meals. The soup is so good I have to share the recipe. I modified this recipe a little by adding beans to make it a complete meal when served with bread. Enjoy. Mushroom and Bean Soup Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter 500 grams of mushrooms, thinly sliced 1 tin cannellini beans (or 1 cup of dried beans,... Read more →

Reducing food waste is not just about buying only what you need, eating food before it spoils, and making sure you eat your leftovers. You can also reduce waste by eating parts of vegetables that you wouldn't usually eat. After all, the farmer put effort and resources into growing those bits as well. So far i've added pumpkin seeds and beetroot leaves to our diet. Today I discovered another edible vegetable part I usually waste - parsley stalks. We have a glut of parsley in the garden at the moment. I was chopping some for tabbouleh and thought for a... Read more →