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For those of you in Newcastle tomorrow (Sunday) don't forget the unreal second hand clothing event 'Raid My Wardrobe'. I came away with some great finds last time (shown above) and this time there will be twice as many stalls! Raid My Wardrobe Newcastle: Sunday 21st August 10am to 2pm at the Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Broadmeadow. Future 'Raid My Wardrobe' events are to be held in Maitland, Central Coast and Sydney. More details here. Read more →

I’ve always encouraged Little Eco to help me cook. Some days she helps, some days she just watches, some days she’s not interested at all and wanders off to do her own thing, and to be honest some days she’s screaming at my feet. With Little Eco’s help, cooking takes twice as long and we often make twice as much mess, but I don’t mind. My intention was that learning to cook would be a natural, almost unnoticeable process. And I think it worked! The other day Little Eco got out a bowl and spoon and asked for some flour.... Read more →

Little Eco and I were delighted to be greeted by this sweet little face when we investigated some rustling in our Banana plants this afternoon. How can I be annoyed that almost all our bananas have been gobbled up when the thief is this cute? It's a threatened Grey-Headed Flying-fox. As you can see, she (or he?) is sadly a little injured. Flying-foxes are social animals and they roost together. It was still daylight and she was alone - not a good sign. After looking closer at the photograph and seeing the injuries I went back out to take a... Read more →

~Green recycling and green gardening~ ~Green foraging~ ~Green and clean indoor air~ ~Our green Rain Reviva rainwater storage~ ~Our green Eton solar and hand powered radio~ ~Our green girl gobbling up home sprouted greens~ ~Two of my favorite green things - the mitts and him~ ~Green public transport~ ~Green gift tags handmade from old cards~ ~A green gift from a fellow green gal~ If you love green as much as me, then head on over to Meet Me At Mikes for Colour my week green. Read more →