Note to self...
Organising a weeks worth of waste-free lunches

Struggling to swallow my bananas

I was buying Bananas at the farmers market this morning and had the following conversation with the Banana farmer.....

Me: I'm growing Bananas at home, but the Flying Foxes have been eating them. What do you do to stop them?

Farmer: Shoot em! Laugh Laugh. 

Me: Awkward laugh. 

Farmer: Thats right...its probably a bit hard to do that in an urban area. We can do anything we want in the country. Laugh laugh from the farmer and his friends. 

I didn't know what to say. I was tempted to rattle on about them being a threatened species protected under both NSW and Commonwealth legislation. But I didn't. I'm a coward. Maybe they have a license to shoot them? Or maybe they really were just joking.

Anyway, the conversation was just another reminder to me of how our daily life is connected to nature. We can't pretend that environmental destruction or the extinction of threatened species is not our problem. It is.