Backyard bees Feed

I grow my own veggies organically and often buy organic food. There are many reasons why I favour organic. I prefer my food be free of pesticide residues and I’d rather support small, sustainable farmers than large-scale industrialised agribusinesses. But the main reason I buy organic is that it’s better for the environment. I highlight recent research into the environmental benefits of organic farming. Read more →

There are many ways to welcome native bees into our backyards. One of my favourite is to provide nesting habitat. Little Eco and I recently made a native solitary bee hotel. Much to our amazement the hotel was occupied almost as soon as it was opened. We have baby bees! Read more →

Remember my backyard bees? I sadly had to say goodbye to my bee hive almost a year ago because of an unhappy neighbour. Close neighbours are definitely one of the major downsides of living in an urban area. The hive has been living in the country near my Dad's place since then. I finally had the chance to harvest some glorious golden raw honey from my hive over the christmas holidays. How gorgeous is this honey! Here's my hive in it's new home. Surrounded by fields of Canola and an incredible amount of Scotch Thistle. Both much loved by honey... Read more →

Happy New Year! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I'm enjoying mine so much i'm not yet ready to spend time in front of the computer. Perhaps i'll be back properly in a few days. I've been thinking about my word for 2011. A 'thing' to focus on. Last year it was 'wellbeing'. I'm thinking I need to repeat that word again and give it the attention it deserves. Or perhaps i'll choose 'connect' or 'simplify'. How about you? Do you have a word for 2011? Did you have a word for 2010 and did you give... Read more →

As mentioned, our backyard bees have gone. In my case, it was impossible to have backyard bees and happy neighbours. The hive will eventually go back to my dads place, and is currently holidaying at my uncles, as their isn’t enough pollen near Dad’s block until spring, when the Canola flowers. My uncle lives adjacent to a National Park which environmentally, is not an ideal place to keep bees. I prefer honeybees be kept in urban or agricultural landscapes given their potential threat to native flora and fauna. I’ll visit my Dad when the honey is ready to harvest and... Read more →