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The mosquito season is about to begin – so I'm preparing our natural mosquito control arsenal. Mosquito coils aren't part of our mozzie control kit. Popping a mosquito coil by your table while enjoying a barbecue is as hazardous as having a chain smoker sit at your table. Instead we're welcoming microbats into our backyard. Read more →

One of my favorite ways to spend time as a family is to create something useful or learn a new skill. Our family projects often go unfinished and sometimes fail. For me, the creative process and time together is whats important, regardless of the outcome. Here's a list of ten creative weekend family project ideas. Read more →

There are many ways to welcome native bees into our backyards. One of my favourite is to provide nesting habitat. Little Eco and I recently made a native solitary bee hotel. Much to our amazement the hotel was occupied almost as soon as it was opened. We have baby bees! Read more →

Making a worm farm using free and recycled materials is easy – easy enough that children can do it themselves with just a little help. I'm sharing how to make a worm farm over at Childhood 101. As you may have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with foraging. I recently shared a recipe for a Winter foraging feast over at the 1 Million Women blog. Can I tempt you to try Stinging Nettle frittata with a side of Chickweed? Read more →