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I want to stop talking to machines. Only a few years ago, talking computers were rare. These days I find myself being forced into a conversation with a machine far too often. I'm starting to envisage a future where our days are devoid of casual chats and instead are full of frustrating interactions with computers. It’s a vision I don’t like. Read more →

There's plenty of opportunities to learn skills for sustainable living in the Hunter Valley this month. There's courses in wildcraft, hemp masonry, biodynamics, medicinal herbs, grass identification, and making goats milk soap. Read more →

Somewhere along the line, money took over our lives. The dollar became almighty. And now we’re paying for it. With our happiness, our health, and the environment. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can embrace the gift economy.... Read more →

I’ve been watching with interest the progress of a proposed rural land sharing community here in the Hunter Valley. The Shepherds Ground Village and Farm is forging ahead and provides an inspiring model for how communities can live and produce food sustainably. Port Stephens Council has granted development consent and almost half of the 29 memberships have already sold Read more →

Shopping can be a bothersome chore. Or it can be a way to contribute to your community. It’s your choice. You can pop into the supermarket, check out via an automatic teller and support a large national company more interested in profit than people. Or you can wander into your local greengrocer, butcher or independent baker and chat to a familiar face and contribute to the viability of small business in your community. Read more →